Development and Innovation

Our continuous efforts in I+D+I are the ones that have placed us in a preeminent position in our market, for that reason, we continue investing in resources of last generation to continue improving as for quality and service.

The design department works to provide customers with avant-garde solutions adapted to their personality and the characteristics of their individual product, with professionalism and discretion.

Our aspiration is to be recognized by our customers and in turn by the end customer, ie by the user of shoes that wear our soles.

To make this possible we offer more than just quality soles, we offer SYSTEMS that bring benefits to your feet. With this idea in mind, our R+D+I department has developed the INNPULSE system.


INNPULSE is an innovative cushioning system integrated into the sole design that allows the energy produced in each step to be absorbed and converted into impulse.

It is designed to adapt to the plantar anatomy of the forefoot, neutralizing impacts and pressures when walking, which generates a cushioning and relaxing effect.

3D Design

We have a 3D Design Department that constantly develops new designs open to all our customers and we offer the possibility of custom designs and exclusive for them.

For these custom designs, full-size models are developed in 3-4 days, which our customers can see what the final result would look like.

Quality Controls

We subject our materials to numerous quality tests and in addition we collaborate with INESCOP continuously to analyze the material of our material and develop reports which certify its qualities.

Thanks to their results we are sure to offer products with a guarantee of durability and comfort.