Our Materials

When we started manufacturing EVA, we had only one material. Our desire to offer our customers various possibilities and solutions made us look for other materials, and we included GUMFLY in our options. Recently we have added GUMLATEX, another material with features very similar to the above mentioned but with some similarity to latex.

In this way we offer our clients different possibilities, all of first quality and with some differences in their performance to adapt them to their ideal type of sole.

Eva Properties

(Ethylene, Vinyl, Acetate) lightweight, insulating, good impact absorption, antimicrobial, non-slip, washable up to 30 º, long durability, does not fade, great resistance to tearing, can be sewn and does not mark the floor.

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Gumlatex Properties

Its mechanical characteristics are similar to GUMFLY but less hardness, i.e. it is softer to the touch. It has a latex effect and is recommended for soles that are not very thick.

Gumfly Properties

Same formulation base as EVA, with more rubber in its composition that improves its mechanical behaviour (abrasion, wear, slipping, shock absorption), and has higher density. It is more rubbery to the touch and has more elasticity.

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Certified Quality

Our materials are periodically examined by INESCOP (Institute of Research and Technology in the Footwear Sector) to which we are associated, certifying the quality and performance of these materials. The results of these tests are available to the customer.

Weight 10 9 5 5 5
Flexibility 9 9 3 5 5
Durability 10 10 3 6 5
Damping 10 10 5 7 5
Rotura 10 10 3 7 4
Tear 10 10 3 7 4
Insulation 10 10 3 8 3
Slippage 10 10 5 8 5
Antimicrobial 10 10 3 5 4